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Supported Barcode Fonts

The list of supported linear barcode fonts –
  • Codabar (Used in Blood banks, Libraries, air parcel business etc.)
  • Code 11 (Used for labeling telecommunication equipments)
  • LOGMARS (Used in US government specification)
  • USS-93 (Used in Postal services)
  • Code 128 SET C (Used in inventory and shipping field)
  • ISBN 13 (Used on Book covers)
  • EAN13 (Used in retail product marking)
  • Code 128 SET B (Used in inventory tracking)
  • UCC/EAN-128 (Used in US Postal Services)
  • EAN8 (Used in Retail marketplace for product marking)
  • Code 93 (Used in postal services)
  • USPS Sack Label (Used for Postal services in United States)
  • Planet (Used to encode ZIP codes on US mails)
  • ITF-14 (Used to mark external containers of products)
  • Code 128 SET A (Used for inventory and tracking purposes)
  • Code 128 (Used in shipping and packaging industries)
  • UPCE (Used in Retail industries for product marking)
  • Code 39 Full ASCII (Used in manufacturing, military and health applications)
  • Code 39 (Used for inventory tracking in manufacturing industry)
  • USPS Tray Label (Used for Postal services in U.S
  • Telepen (Primarily used in Libraries, Motor Industry for many different applications.)
  • MSI Plessey (Grocery store shelf marking applications)
  • Industrial 2 to 5 (Used in distribution and shipping industries)
  • UPCA (Used in Retail industries and food service industries)
  • Interleaved 2 to 5 (Used in Shipping industries and distribution issues)
  • Standard 2 to 5 (Used in airline ticket marking and warehousing)
The list of supported 2D barcode font –
  • Aztec (Used for tickets sold online or delivered on mobile phone)
  • Databar (Used in Grocery, Retail and Healthcare industry)
  • Databar MicroPDF417
  • Databar Stacked (Useful in healthcare industry)
  • Databar Stacked Omni (Used while preparing smaller packages)
  • Databar Code 128 (Inventory and tracking purpose)
  • Databar Code 128 Set A (Used in inventory and shipping industry)
  • Databar PDF417
  • Databar UPCA (Retail sector mainly in US and Canada)
  • Databar Truncated (Used in healthcare industry)
  • Databar EAN 13 (Used in retail industry)
  • Databar Code 128 Set B (Used in inventory and shipping field)
  • Databar Code 128 Set C (Used in inventory and shipping field)
  • Databar UPCE (Retail sector mainly in US and Canada)
  • DataMatrix (ULabeling smaller components (mainly used in aerospace industry))
  • QR Code (Used by camera equipped mobile phones)
  • MICR Font (Used for tickets sold online or delivered on mobile phone)
  • Databar Expanded (Used for Fresh Food Industry)
  • Databar Limited (Useful in healthcare industry)
  • MaxiCode (Used on shipping labels for world-wide addressing and package sorting)
  • PDF417 (Used in transport sector, identification cards and inventory management)

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