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In this competitive world, time and accuracy in work are the key factors to reach new heights in any Business. Barcode technology offers error free data input, reduce labor cost, increased efficiency and productivity of Company by automating the entire data entry process. Barcodes are useful in quick selling of products by simply reading through barcode reader. Barcodes are used worldwide and the usage of barcodes is increasing day-by-day in several application areas ranging from supermarkets to Postal services due to its numerous benefits. Some of the major application areas are as follows:

  • Supermarkets – Barcode labels are used to obtain price and other data related to goods when purchased by consumer.
  • Healthcare Systems – Barcode system helps to keep track medical inventories and other equipments.
  • Postal/Parcel Service – Barcode technology used in postal/parcel service helps to automate identification and sorting of letters in easiest way.
  • Shopping Centre – Used to automate the entry of items of shopping centers.
  • Telecom Sectors – Used for labeling telecommunication equipments.
  • Airline Ticket Marking – Used in airline ticket marking.
  • Shipping Industries – Used to encode product information in less time.
  • Books and Libraries – Barcodes are used to mark suggested retail price of books in stores.
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Government and many more
  • Retail and Glossary industry
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Fresh food industry
  • Government sector

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